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Larry Nickel

Dr. Larry Nickel is a busy composer, teacher, singer, conductor and publisher of choral music. While teaching music at the high school level he co-founded the West Coast Mennonite Chamber Choir with Tony Funk in 1990. The choir made 13 CDs and raised nearly one million dollars for the Communitas Supportive Care Society. Famous tenor, Ben Heppner, was among the luminaries that contributed to the projects and the choir recorded over 100 of Larry’s compositions. 

Larry has also sung with the Vancouver Cantata Singers, Chor Leoni and (professionally) with the Vancouver Chamber Choir for six years. “I’m a choral music fanatic,” says Larry, “because it is the world’s most effective and powerful conveyor of positive messages. It brings people together, from all walks of life, to create something beautiful and worthwhile. Choral music breaks down barriers between people–it is peace in action.” 

As owner and editor of Cypress Choral Music, Larry works with over 80 Canadian composers from across the country and travels widely giving seminars and workshops. 

Recent premieres of his work occurred at the World Choral Games in Riga, at the United Nations in Geneva (also NYC) and last week in Salt Lake City. “Malala, Pakistani Girl” was recently performed in Hiroshima, Osaka and Kyoto. Requiem for Peace, his doctoral thesis in 13 languages, is having a good run (Örebro, Magdeburg-European Choral Games, Bayreuth, Baku-Azerbaijan, Toronto, Halifax, London-ON, Kansas City, Chicago, Providence-R.I.) 

Larry and Edna live in Yaletown, close to their children and grandchildren.