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Explore the diverse choral music offerings within Pavane Publishing’s extensive catalog. Whether you’re preparing for school performances, seeking educational resources for the classroom, or enhancing worship services with sacred chorals, our collection includes sheet music tailored to specific voicings, themes, and seasons. Elevate your musical experience with Pavane Publishing’s carefully curated selection.

Top Selling Choral

In this section, you’ll discover the top-selling choral pieces from Pavane Publishing. Explore a curated selection of music that has captivated choirs and audiences alike. From contemporary compositions to timeless classics, these pieces represent the best of what Pavane Publishing has to offer. Whether you’re looking for something new to inspire your choir or seeking the proven favorites, find your next masterpiece here among our top sellers!

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Sacred Music

Welcome to the sacred choral music section of the Pavane Publishing website. Here, you will find a divine collection of choral works, each piece resonating with spiritual depth and musical excellence. Our catalog spans a range of styles and periods, offering something sacred for every choir. From classical choir music to modern compositions, these pieces have been carefully selected to uplift, inspire, and enhance your worship experience. Dive into our sacred choral music collection and discover the perfect piece to elevate your ensemble’s repertoire.

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School Choral

Welcome to the School Choral Music section of the Pavane Publishing website. This area is a treasure trove of choral works tailored for educational settings, perfect for engaging and inspiring young singers. Our collection offers a variety of styles and difficulties to suit any school choir. Explore pieces that will challenge your students, enhance their musical education, and ignite their passion for singing. Whether you’re preparing for a concert, competition, or classroom learning, find the ideal choral pieces right here to enrich your school’s musical journey.

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Church or School

Welcome to the versatile collection of Pavane Publishing Music, where you’ll find an exquisite selection of choral works perfect for both school and church settings. This unique section bridges the gap between educational and sacred music, offering pieces that resonate with the spirit of learning and worship. Whether you’re directing a school choir or leading a church ensemble, our music will enhance your repertoire with pieces that are both educational and spiritually uplifting. Discover compositions that adapt seamlessly to the classroom and the sanctuary, providing a harmonious blend of lyrical beauty and teachable moments. Embrace the versatility of our collection and find the perfect choral works to inspire singers in any setting.

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