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Submission Policies


  1. Email: all submissions must be submitted in Sibelius or Finale format; handwritten manuscripts are not accepted.
  2. Also include a PDF of the Finale or Sibelius file AND a recording. If a recording is not available, please create a midi.
  3. While a recording is not required, there is no question that a performance of your piece gives a much more realistic example of your composition and the chances of publication are greatly increased.
  4. Submit no more than three pieces at a time.
  5. Manuscripts longer than 8 minutes in duration submitted from composers not already in our catalog will not be accepted for review.
  6. A short introduction of yourself and your musical experience is encouraged.
  7. Do not submit any pieces to more than one publisher at a time - no simultaneous submissions accepted.
  8. Pavane Publishing is a choral music publisher and does not accept instrumental pieces.


  1. Sacred Music: Our catalog caters to the more traditional houses of worship.
  2. Secular (Original or Arrangements): We are more likely to be interested if the arrangement is distinctive, new, creative, and the original song does not already appear in our catalog.
  3. If using a published (copyrighted) poem, include a copy of the original poem, data about the poet, and any royalty agreements you may have reached prior to submission.
  4. Foreign language texts (yes, even Latin) must have a pronunciation, transliteration, paraphrase and translation attached.
  5. Submissions are reviewed by our New Release Committee only once a year - in the month of May. Therefore, the deadline for submissions is April 26th. Manuscripts received after April 26th will be held for the following year's review. 
  6. The review process takes several weeks.  Please be advised that it could be as late as the end of June before you will hear a decision regarding your submission(s).