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Decoding the Secrets of the Choral Art

by William Dehning

Dr. William Dehning's choirs have wowed audiences worldwide. In this book, employing his no-nonsense tone, dry wit and deep passion, he tells all that is good and all that should be changed in the world of choral conducting. Never has so much valuable information been included with so much personality. Laugh and learn with this spectacular book!


-   "A frank and sometimes irreverent approach to the subject of choral conducting, that dares to demand our excellence and scold our laziness - and said with true devotion and comedic wit."      Allan Petker, publisher


-   “Dehning’s book is insightful and challenging, offering practical advice as well as humorous approaches to a complex art. It is frequently scathing, but never dull. Some may think it too controversial, even out of bounds. One thing is certain: he is not afraid to laugh at himself or at others. A good sense of humor is a valuable trait."      …Brian Lanier, reviewer