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- Choral Questions & Answers

From Pavane Publishing, the acclaimed series now used in schools, churches, colleges, and by choral groups worldwide...

  • Questions identifying some of the most common problems encountered by a choral musician are addressed.

  • The solutions, suggestions, and exercises are presented in an understandable ("user friendly") and sensible manner.

  • Each questions is organized by
         1. the TOPIC
         2. the QUESTION
         3. possible CAUSE(S) or CONCEPT
         4. Suggestions for the CONDUCTOR
         5. exercises for the CHOIR/SINGER
         6. parallel IMAGERY


Volume I (for Adult Voices) by David C. Dickau & Allan Robert Petker
        Topics include: Proper Breathing, Controlling Vibrato, Range Extension, Improving Diction, Warm-up Tips...and much more!

Volume II (for Young Voices) by Sara Glick Judith Herrington & Allan Robert Petker
        Topics include: Posture, Head & Chest Voice, Tone, Diction, Teaching Part Singing...and much more!

Volume III (for the Rehearsal) by David C. Dickau & Allan Robert Petker
        Topics include: Effective use of Energy, Sequencing, vocal Care, Developing Skills...and much more!

Volume IV (Voice Training for the Singer) by Katharin Rundus & Allan Robert Petker
        Topics include: Releasing Tension, Opening the Vocal Tract, Inhalation/Exhalation, Resonance, Registers...and much more! Following a concise step by step explanation of the vocal instrument, a systematic outline is provided with a sequence of vocal exercises that guide the voice through a thorough voice building session.

Volume V (Accompanying) by Jan Sanborn & Allan Robert Petker
        Topics include: Clarifying the roles, What accompanists need most from directors, What directors need most from accompanists, The Art of accompanying...and much more! This booklet describes how the director and accompanist can unite their crafts to achieve the most in rehearsal and performance...a must for every accompanist and every director!

Plus - LAME BRAIN GAMES ( P5012...$6.95)
        (Rhythmic Energizers for Young Singers)
        by Judith Herrington and Clayton Miller

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