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Cantabile Voice Class


CANTABILE: Voice Class textbook is clearly and concisely written for 21st century undergraduate voice students.  Already tested in lower division voice classes, students’ response was overwhelmingly enthusiastic. Twelve foundational “anchors” of voice study are presented with accompanying vocal exercises that build competency and confidence from the first use. In addition to “anchors” on vocal technique, topics such as Deliberate Practice, Musical Expression and Vocal Health are covered. The text is engaging and well-illustrated with photos, drawings and icons.    

CANTABILE: Voice Class  follows on the success of CANTABILE - A Manual About Beautiful Singing, a comprehensive volume that is now the preferred pedagogy course text for vocal study in studios and colleges throughout the United States and abroad. Instructors will find both texts invaluable. The concise format of CANTABILE: Voice Class makes it particularly attractive for a semester voice class and as supplementary material for choral groups and choral pedagogy classes.

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