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Resources & Textbooks

ADVANCE - A Cure for Musical Illiteracy by Ted Reid & Allan Robert Petker in CD form. Includes a Director's Manual, a set of step-by-step lessons, quizzes and a Duplication License valid for life! 

CANTABILE and NEW! CANTABILE VOICE CLASS - These textbooks offer a fresh and comprehensive approach to vocal pedagogy and will be the new standard for vocal study.

CHORAL QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS - The acclaimed series now used in schools, churches, college, and by choral groups world-wide.

CHORUS CONFIDENTIAL - The best course text for any choral music class. "An insightful, direct and entertaining guide to the intricate art of teaching choral music. An essential for every choral conductor's library." Jing Ling-Tam, Professor of Music, Director of Choral Studies, University of Texas at Arlington 

I P A ALPHABET - Teaching pronunciation of a foreign language is one of the most time-consuming tasks for any choral director. Here's an easy to use, handheld tool for you and your choral singers. Every page is a letter of the alphabet, divided into columns for Latin, German, Italian, French and Spanish.



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Resource Products



 Advance Cd Edition  Author/Lyricist: Ted Reid and Allan Petker  Released: March 2010 
   Attention: This may sound too good to be true - but it is. Teach music literacy to your choir in 5 minute daily lessons. This CD contains a teachers handbook and is packed with 89 lessons that explain almost everything about music for the singer. Organized in an easy to follow, step by step, method, the students will learn names of everything musical, including notes and connect to the keyboard, meters and rhythms, writing counts in music, and interval relationships. A sidebar of quotes, anecdotes and humor serve to encourage and inspire. Optional quizzes and exams are also included. Plus, with a duplication license valid for life, you can print the student lesson handouts year after year for your choir. At last - music literacy for choirs is affordable and practical.

  P5025 -   [buy now]



 Advance Vol. 3 - Intervals 
Composer: Reid/Petker 

Voicing: Director's Handbook 
Season: General  Released: January 1997 

  P5008 - Director's Handbook  [buy now]
  P5009 - Quiz  [buy now]



 Advance Vol. I 
Composer: Reid/Petker 

Voicing: Director's Handbook 
Season: General  Released: January 1993 

  P5004 - Director's Handbook  [buy now]
  P5005 - Quiz  [buy now]


 Cantabile  Author/Lyricist: Katharin Rundus 
Voicing: BOOK  Released: January 2009 
   CANTABILE offers a fresh and comprehensive approach to vocal pedagogy. A ''spiral of learning'' allows singers to revisit basic concepts as they advance to deeper levels, and gives all readers a path to lifelong learning. A definitive source for individual singers, voice teachers and choral conductors, CANTABILE provides intricate illustrations, a complete glossary and extensive index, and specific vocal exercises for every student and teacher. This textbook will be the new standard for vocal study. When one hears ''vocal pedagogy'' they tend to have tired eyes. But this text book breaks the mold. Making complex concepts easily understood is the hallmark of Dr. Katharin Rundus' teaching career. Filled with anatomical drawings, pictures, graphs and loads of valuable vocal exercises, this book is wisely and attractively organized. Plus, every chapter includes a section specifically for the choral director - who should definitely understand the mechanics of the instrument they transform.

  P5023 - BOOK  [buy now]
  P5023AF - Reproducible Figures and Graphs  [buy now]

Cantabile Voice Class

 Cantabile Voice Class  Author/Lyricist: Katharin Rundus 
Voicing: BOOK  Released: January 2015 
   CANTABILE - A Manual About Beautiful Singing (P5023) was released a few years ago and has risen to be a staple course text for colleges across the country. This is the perfect follow-up - a classroom text for the undergraduate student. One could think of it as Cantabile-lite. The primary book still needs to be in the hands of the instructor, but students will enjoy a less-comprehensive version at a third of the price.

PDF 2x2 See the Music

  P5026 - BOOK  [buy now]



 Choral Questions And Answers For Men  
Voicing: BOOK  Released: May 2009 

  P5017 - BOOK